Receptions & Seminars

Receiving guests is an art

What would a reception at Soutard have been like in the 18th century? When undertaking the immense estate renovation project, we always kept this question in mind. In the charterhouse, in the gardens, in all areas, we were guided by a desire to amaze.
Our team is accustomed to the demands of made to measure design and is passionate about the new challenges of wine tourism. A stone’s throw from the city of Saint-Emilion, at the heart of a vineyard designated as a world heritage site, Soutard is the embodiment of how to receive guests in true french style.

Here, the senses have taste

The success of an event doesn’t just come down to the decor, regardless of how beautiful it is. It’s the quality of the welcome and the attention to detail which ultimately create the special occasion.

In the temple of wine known as Soutard, we add one ingredient: pleasure for the senses. Gastronomy, craftsmanship, the culinary arts, along with creative sound and lighting are our signature. 

In the professional kitchen, we have a plancha, induction hobs, range cooker with bain-marie, temperature regulated storage drawers...

Privileged areas

Soutard is a jewel straight out of the 18th century. Soutard is also a contemporary viticultural marvel, renovated and re-thought in 2010. White stone, lime plaster and oak match the glass, stainless steel and moulded concrete. In this blend of history and modernity, all areas have been worked on by master craftsmen.

Soutard isn’t just one place, but a sum of spots. From the intimacy of the walled garden to the radiant immensity of the cellar and the serene warmth of the lounges, the desire to seduce the visitor is everywhere.


The conference room (47 seated guests) and the boardroom (15 guests) are equipped with microphones and big screens with a wireless laptop connection system.

Over and above the elegant decor, each area is designed to make the guest feel good.

The reception options at Chateau Soutard are distinguished by their flexibility. Whether it be a working breakfast with 10 colleagues, a dinner for 50 guests or a special event involving several hundred people, we know how to make it happen.

The capacity of our various interior and exterior spaces allows us to offer a tailor-made solution for every event.


Made-to-measure services

Soutard has rooms of all sizes, recently renovated in the spirit of the Eighteenth century. The three lounges, the library, the vegetable garden, the dining room and the scullery offer many unique spaces which are intimately seductive. The cellar, the vat room, and the one-hectare park add that extra special dimension to your event.

We’ll be alongside you during the organisation to offer high quality services. We have established links with caterers, musicians, image and sound technicians and we’d be delighted for you to make the most of these.

The cellar (photo 1), bona fide temple of wine, can accommodate 110 seated guests or 200 in cocktail party configuration.

The three lounges (photo 2), with a total of 120m² can accommodate 90 people for a cocktail party.

The one-hectare park is oriented towards the village of Montagne (photo 3). It is possible to pitch tents in the park.

The 225m² cellar (photo 4) is ideal for gala dinners, marriages and concerts.  Capacity: 200 seated guests or 250 in cocktail party configuration. 

Rates and services 2017

Prices are valid from January 1st until December 31st, 2017. 
Information and reservation by telephone on 05 57 24 71 41  or by email:

Reception areas

Conference Room

Modern, fully-equipped areas: screens, paperboard, WIFI, PA, notepads and water.
Two rooms: Board Room (15 people, U-shape), Conference Room (47 people, theatre-style, non-modular)

Conference day rate (room + lunch + coffee + visit):  €150 per person.

Board Room Hire: €1,000 inc. vat

Conference Room Hire: €1,500 inc. vat


The Tree Lounges

One 60m² lounge, two lounges of 30m².  90-person total.

Hire: €2,000 inc. vat


The Historic Cellar

Ideal for receptions, gala dinners or marriages.  225m² Available from mid-April to mid-July.  Seated meal: 200 people (20 x 10) max. Cocktail party: 250 people max.
Theatre-style Meeting: 250 people max.

Hire: €4,500 inc. vat


The Vat Room

125m² Available from mid-April to mid-July.  Seated meal: 110 people max.
Cocktail party: 200 people max.

Hire: €3,000 inc. vat

The Park

1 hectare. Unforgettable view of our vines and the vineyard of Montagne Saint-Emilion. For cocktail parties, lunches, dinners.  Possibility of pitching tents (rates available on request).

Hire: €3,000 inc. vat


The Vegetable Garden

170m² A convivial and intimate area. Adjacent to the garden is a dining room of 60m² and a lounge of 50m². Up to 100 people seated in the garden (10 x 10).  Cocktail party: 150 people.

Hire: €1,500 inc. vat


The Garden Room

60m² also including a gallery of 50m².  Seated lunch: 40 people. (4 × 10). 
Cocktail party: 90 people.
Theatre-style setup: 60 people. U-shape setup: 21 people.  Classroom setup: 33 people.
Internet access, screen, sound system...

Hire: €1,600 inc. vat

The Farm Side

150m². An exclusive outdoor area for pre-dinner drinks, cocktail parties and lunches. From 10 to 100 people.

Hire: €1,000 inc. vat


The Scullery

30m². Room exclusively for breakfasts (fresh bread and pastries delivered in the morning, tea, coffee, organic fruit juice, milk, compotes, jams, butter, water, cereal bars).
Possibility of hire for lunches and dinners.  Direct access to the chateau park and the farm.
Wi-Fi. 8 people max. 

The Dining Room

38 m². 18th  century dining room. Oval table for 2 to 20 guests for lunches and dinners. “Spirit of Soutard” table service (Luneville, Raynaud, Cristal de  Sèvres, Baccarat).

Hire: €2,000 inc. vat